Are you kidding me?

So, I am looking for a job online – I know! You don’t have to tell me how terrible of an idea this is, but really, I have no other choice – anywho…I am looking for a job online and I come across a job opening for a “Courtesy Clerk”. I am desperate, obviously, because I am using, so I click on this opening to read the job description and this is what it says:”Provides superior customer service. Greets customers, bag groceries, helps customers out to their cars and collects empty carts for return to the store. Other duties include sanitation, price checks, stocking of bags at the checkstands, cleaning of spills”

Seriously? Since when did a grocery store SACKER become a Courtesy Clerk? What the hell?

This is just one in a long line of messed up job titles that don’t fit the damn job description. I am finding it increasingly difficult to even search for a job because I have no idea what sort of convoluted job title to type into the search function! I’ve tried typing in “super woman ” but surprisingly, the search came back empty. Guess that job is taken.

I should return the cape but I’m keeping the darn t-shirt….