What a mind blowing and life changing week

So much has happened in the last 10 days that I am not sure if I’m exhausted from lack of sleep, or pure emotional overload.

Out of the blue a few weeks ago, I was contacted by a company I had interviewed with last December asking if I was still interested in the job from December.  I said yes and within 72 hours, I was signing new hire paperwork and turning in my notice at my current job. 

We had a going away party with cup cakes, speeches, and everything. Little did I know that in less than 24- hours after that party, my life would completely change. 

Last Thursday, I received a phone call from my current employer (MHS) with an offer they were hoping I couldn’t refuse, and I didn’t.

I started my new job on Monday, July 17, and I didn’t even have to pack up my desk.  I am the new Director of the grants department for one of the largest non profit mental health and substance abuse organizations in Southern California! How cool is that? 

I am so excited, and beyond humbled by all of the well wishes, hugs from co-workers, and heartfelt congratulations I have received from everyone. I am thrilled to continue working for a company whose mission I whole heartedly believe in and strive to uphold. I know I am not equipped to be down in the trenches with the therapists, case workers, outreach, counsellors, and all of the other amazing people that serve our clients, but I am so happy to be helping them in the best way that I know how, and am capable of providing. 

1 in 4 of all adults in America suffer from a form of mental illness.  21.5 million adults in America battle substance use disorder and 7 million Americans battle a drug  use disorder. If you are sad, depressed, or just aren’t feeling right, reach out to someone, to anyone.  You will  always have an ear from me.  


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