What Does it Mean to be a Good Person?

Good PersonThere have been a large number of head on fatality accidents on the two lane road getting into my little town this summer. As a result, there is a lot of speculation about the character of the people at fault. A lot of people assume the person at fault in a car accident is an irresponsible jerk, but at the same time, the very same people assuming this, roll through stop signs, and run stale yellow lights. Does that qualify as them being an irresponsible jerk too?

The traffic issues are in the forefront of my mind because of the many fatalities and also because people regularly run the stop sign in my neighborhood, and the stale yellow/red light on the crossroad of my neighborhood. The stop sign is pure laziness, and doesn’t really pose much of a risk, it’s the principal of it though. Running the light on the cross street though, is insanely dangerous. My family and I have almost been t-boned multiple times, and with so many teen drivers in our neighborhood, I’m really surprised more accidents don’t occur at the intersection.

This all got me thinking about being a good person, and what that might look like, or how far actions and intentions may need to seep into your life to apply. Is my neighbor a bad person because she never smiles back at me when we drive by? Am I a bad person for getting so irritated that she doesn’t smile back? I think it does make me a bad person – just a little. Now, wait a minute, before you start arguing, really think about what a good person is, does, and projects. What does that look like to you, and is that a reflection of you? Are you that good person?

I work hard every day to be the best version of me that I can be, but I am not as good of a person as I would like to be. To me, being a good person isn’t about being nice all the time.  It’s about being mindful and aware. A good person is mindful and aware of others, as well as their self and the energy they project into the world. This extends to all aspects of life – in the isle at the grocery store, while driving, in a crowd, at a restaurant, at the office, when you are home with your family, everywhere. There are a few areas where I struggle with this. I have a very difficult time letting go of my anger when I allow someone to hurt me. I also struggle with letting go of guilt when I feel like I’ve hurt someone (even after apologizing), and I obviously have a difficult time accepting others lack of friendliness, and courtesy.  😂  When I envision the best person I can imagine, that vision includes a person that is peaceful yet powerful, a person that makes others feel better about their day, and a person that when you mention their name, people almost swoon at the memory of how wonderful they are to everyone as well as themselves.   I want to be good to others as well as myself, and that is where I trip up.  I am not very good to myself.  What about you?  What is your vision of the best person?

I think that we all need to slow down and do some self reflection before we start passing judgement on others, no matter what the circumstances. What is the saying about glass houses?  Or if it’s more suiting to you, Matthew 7:1-2: “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.” I am an atheist, but that bible quote totally makes sense to me.  Hold it close, keep it in mind.


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