Review – Perfectly Posh BFF Face Wash, Giving me Life Face Mask, and Night and Day Face Cream

I’ve been admiring my friend, Erin’s, Perfectly Posh posts on instagram for a while now.  The packaging is so darn pretty, and the products are simple. I’ve been a Lush junkie for years now, but lately, their products have been burning my skin, and the smells are just too overwhelming. As a result, I’ve been searching for a natural replacement. Welcome Perfectly Posh!

I requested some samples, and received them this afternoon. I was so excited opening this package!  In my sample package were BFF Face Wash, Giving me Life Face Mask, Night & Day Facial Moisturizer, Fall Out Girl Chunk Bar, Sugar Mama Body Scrub, and Hot Mess Hand Creme. 

I immediately ripped open the BFF face wash and was so happy to find out the face wash is peppermint based! I’ve had a headache for two days now and peppermint always helps me feel better. The wash is gritty, so it exfoliates, but fine enough, I used it on my lips. I did not, however, use it on my eyes. I actually let the wash sit for a few minutes so I could enjoy the smell a little longer! It rinsed off very easily with one pass of a warm wash cloth (okay, hot wash cloth, but wherever). 

Next was the Giving me Life Face Mask. Oh my goodness! IT HAS TEA TREE OIL IN IT!!!! I LOVE tea tree oil!!! It’s one of two essential oils that I carry in my purse with me at all times.  Bug bite? Tea tree oil! Scrape? Tea tree oil! Tired? Tea tree oil! See a pattern here? 

I slathered on a thin layer, as per the directions, went and took some selfies, and watched the voice. 

As it dried, I enjoyed the soothing aroma of the tee tree oil, and felt my face tighten up. The mask washed off so easily too! One wipe with that hot wash cloth, and it was gone! I can’t describe how soft it was coming off. It was like butter. My face didn’t feel dry or tight after wiping the mask off either. 

I cut open the Night & Day Face Creme and actually giggled when I realized it was lavender based! I hit the relaxation trifecta! Imagine my excitement after the hell week (yes, I’m aware it’s only Tuesday) I’ve had. This face creme, oh my goodness, this face creme….so soft, so cool. 

Now I’m sitting here trying not to continually touch my face because it’s so soft. I imagine I’m all bright and shiny (in a good way) too! 

I’m absolutely looking forward to tomorrow so I can use these products again!  Is it too early to confess that I may be in love?

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One thought on “Review – Perfectly Posh BFF Face Wash, Giving me Life Face Mask, and Night and Day Face Cream

  1. Yay! I’m so glad that you loved your samples. Aren’t they fun? Posh has helped me so much this last year — “adulting” is hard and I love how a few minutes of pampering can make me feel better. BTW – Check out the Skin Sticks in the catalog. I carry Perk with me all of the time for headaches (peppermint essential oil) and love using Sleepy Sleep (lavender) at night. I always essential oils with me but the Skin Sticks are easier sometimes. 🙂 Enjoy some much deserved R&R, my friend!


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