Review – Younique Touch Mineral Foundation 

Let me preface this by saying, I have really good skin. No blemishes, and very little unevenness. I wear foundation to create a smooth and even palate, not to cover anything. I am a 42-year-old mother living in sunny Southern California. My beauty ritual involves whatever bath and body works liquid hand soap is by my sink, coconut oil for eye makeup removal, and the basic old school oil of Olay (if I remember).

Things that are important to me in a foundation are: no smell, lightweight coverage, color matching, and staying power.

In cones Younique Touch Liquid Foundation. I traded two eyelash kits that didn’t work out for me for this foundation. I’ve had this foundation for about a week, and have used it almost every day since I received it.


You guys. This foundation is awesome. It’s so silky smooth. It feels like velvet going on, and it stays all day. My face feels clean and moisturized, and just smooth. The light weight formula lends itself to layering, if needed. We went out on Friday night, and wanted a more smooth look, so I did 2 layers of foundation. It didn’t cake up, and it didn’t feel like I had a lot of foundation on my face. I could touch my face and nothing would cone off either!

Overall, I love this foundation. I’m not thrilled about the price, but it is in the same range as other designer lines. I just need to get over it. Especially with my aging skin. I will definitely buy this foundation again. I love it!

I get mine here: Leah May – Younique



One thought on “Review – Younique Touch Mineral Foundation 

  1. I forgot to comment on this last week… I discovered Younique foundation a year ago and love it. I have melasma and definitely need coverage, but I hate cakey foundation. This is the perfect weight and I love how it smells. Have you tried the BB cream? I like to use that on the weekends.


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