Then there is that moment where your 16 year old blows your mind

We are filling out college applications in our house.  It’s been a topic of discussion for a year, and now it is happening.  I’ve been a bit of a helicopter parent about it really (sorry son!).

Ian is working on his application to Stanford right now and I am enamored with him even more now than I was before.  If this school doesn’t take him after reading his essays, they are silly.  He is an amazing young man despite the fact that he just can’t seem to remember to take out the garbage.

His grammar is not the best and his sentence structure leaves a lot to be desired, but his thought process…my goodness!  His thought process is mind boggling.  He is banging away at the key board right now and I am anxious to see what he writes next!

I don’t even know how to begin to verbalize how impressed, surprised, and utterly taken aback I am by the intelligence of this child.  It makes me reflect on my own life as a teen and sends a small pang of regret thorough my subconscious for not admitting I was smarter than I acted. I was definitely more talented than I let on to be.  Why didn’t I play to that strength?!?!

I am filled with such hope right now.  Hope that he follows through.  Hope that he is accepted. Hope that he makes it. Not for my benefit, but for his. He has worked so hard and really does live by the philosophy work hard, play hard.  Often times, he is the last one in the house to sleep and the first one awake.  He does this on his own.  We don’t coddle him.  He is usually out the door before I even wake up.  He never forgets to come say goodbye though.  He is amazing.  He is still carrying a 4.0 GPA and is in the top 5% of his class.  He can’t play football because of an injury but he still volunteers his time as a trainer for the team.  He is saving himself for rugby and I know when the season starts, he will leave his heart on that pitch.  He is fun loving, smart, gorgeous, and loves so deeply, that I worry about him a little, but he deserves to be rewarded.

I am so excited to see what happens next.  This boy amazes me.



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