I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it

Someone said something today that made me smile inside.  She said, “I am in awe of your wife all the time.” (She said it to my husband, whom I work with.)At the time, I heard it, but never acknowledged it.  I was busy (as is usual).  Now that I have had an opportunity to unwind though, I am honored.  I hope I remember to tell her thank you tomorrow.It is so important to express to those we admire (for whatever reason) the fact that they inspire us.  It is good for both souls.

It is difficult for women to accept compliments and this year, I am trying very hard to acknowledge compliments and be grateful and appreciative of them and the people giving them.  So many times someone will express how lovely we look and our typical response is “Ugh, I wish I were (insert self depreciating comment here)”, or we feel the need to repay the compliment thereby sounding fake and insincere.  This year, I am trying to change that in myself.

It takes a while to stop the internal recorder and it is very uncomfortable at first, but I am learning to say “Thank you” and mean it.  Eventually, I hope to start to believe the compliments!  Wow!  Imagine that!  Try it!  Take the next week and accept each compliment that comes your way without squirming, counter arguing, or feeling obligated to return a compliment.  It is surprising how you will feel.



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