I do think about it.  All the time.  Especially while driving or when something funny crosses my mind.  I am just never in a good place to do anything about it.  I am so sorry.  This blog is so very neglected.  
So much has happened since I last checked in.  Some of it good, some of it bad.  The Universe has a way of balancing things out that way doesn’t it?  Our lives are still evolving and I am hopeful for the future for the first time in a while. 

Last October, I took an admin job with a non-profit organization.  The job is what I needed at the time.  It kept us afloat until my husband was able to secure a job in April of this year which happened to be the month we used up the last of our saved fortune to pay our rent. 

It’s “funny” how these things happen.  One of the reasons we left the US was to earn money and to save so we would never be in this situation ever again.  Never say never, I guess.  Lesson learned, Universe; lesson learned. 

See, the thing is, when you come back to your home country after selling everything you ever owned and moving half way around the world then get cut unexpectedly from a contract over seas, you have no credit; You have no drivers license, no home, no identity.  And you can’t collect unemployment.  That’s the biggest and most difficult thing.  You have no life line.  There is no assistance for you. You have to re-acclimate to the life of an American and that is not easy – especially when you had never planned on coming back to America at all.  America is difficult.  The people are difficult, the government is difficult and the life is difficult.  Not impossible but not easy either.

We lost our entire fortune trying to stay afloat the last year and a half.  It has sucked. 

It is getting better though.  That job I took last October became suffocating and threatened to turn me into a dark shell of anger and depression so I applied for a new job in the same company.  I started my new job last week.  I love it. 

New chapters bring new hopes. We’ve just got to keep turning the pages. 



One thought on “Neglected

  1. I know your post is old, but I wanted to respond to anyway. The starting over is what is the most difficult. I truly hope you and your husband were able to find your footing again. I am in the process of evaluating accepting a position in the UAE for exactly the same reasons you've mentioned, but this potential problem is always in the back of my mind – what if? They discard their workers so easily, cancel contracts, blacklist good people, etc.

    Please update with a new post. Thank you so much.


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