Still Recovering From my Thanksgiving Food Coma but my Hair Still Looks Great!

I have enough left overs at my house to feed the family for another week!  OMG!  It was all so freaking good.  I am so happy I know how to cook!  LOL!
Yah, so, I am at work today.  Yes, it is black Friday and I am at work.  I am getting a boat load of crap done but I sure could have slept a little more this morning!  But I am getting paid and that is important.
It is amazing how a life can change so much in one year.  Both for the good and for the worse.  I am trying really hard to see the silver lining in the changes that have occurred over the last year and while it is getting easier, I still have a lot of resentment and anger toward the situation and the ass hole who “caused” it. 
I have never been in this situation before.  Even when we were a single income family before, we were always able to buy things for the kids when they needed them.  Now, I won’t even go to McDonalds because I just can’t justify spending the $5 that could go toward our rent.  Our savings has held on for a while and served us well, but it is dry now.  It is scary a hell and it couldn’t have run dry at a worse time of year.  How the hell am I going to explain to the kids that we will probably not have a tree this year and all those really cool toy commercials they see on TV need to be ignored? 
I don’t kow.  I haven’t completely lost faith because I still send a small prayer up to the Universe every night begging for something to happen but I am not dealing very well with waiting to see what tomorrow will bring.  I need to know my family will be ok now.  Not tomorrow, not next week but NOW.  Yesterday would have been better, but I will settle for NOW. 
So, here it goes:  Please allow for my husband’s resume to jump off someone’s desk and slap them in the face so that he can get a job in the next week so that we can pay our rent and possibly buy our kids new shoes and maybe a few toys for P-man’s birthday and Christmas.  Please.  It’s not much to ask for, is it?  That’s all I really want for Christmas. 

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