This isn’t how it was supposed to end up

I am frustrated, pissed off and upset. This isn’t how life was supposed to end up for us. We were not supposed to spend 6 years in the Middle East only to have our contract cancelled in the middle and then sent home to be homeless, jobless and wondering if it was all just a freaking dream.
I feel cheated and shat upon and really just want to scream at someone.
I am really trying to make a life for us here but without a permanent home, it all feels so temporary. I can’t do (this) without a job…I can’t do (that) without a house….I can’t even tell my kids if they will get to stay with the great friends they are making because I don’t know where we will live. The mortgage person is absolutely not communicating with me and I have no idea where we stand in that process. It isn’t supposed to take a month to get approved for a mortgage is it? I can’t go somewhere else because I don’t have my husband here to sign all the papers again. This woman is holding our future in her hands and she doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about how her lolly gagging is affecting a family.
I feel like I am going to go insane. It is quite possible I may bite someone in the next few days.
oh and have I mentioned that I am sick and tired of having to register to see what freaking jobs are available in the area? SICK AND TIRED of it!

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