Life in California

Wow. It’s been almost 2 weeks and we seem to be settling in. The kids and I are living with my wonderful father-in-law again and are trying to make the most of it. It is difficult putting my kids to bed on the floor every night but it is a home and we are safe and happy for now.
I think I have saturated the internet job market here with my resume and am going to have to hit the pavement next week. I am thinking of going back to school though as I can not visualize how the school schedules, sports practice and girl scouts will fit in with a standard 8 – 5 job.
The house hunting process is going slowly. Our mortgage application still has not been approved even though we started it in November. This is making everything difficult. I had to go ahead and enroll the kids in school in the district my father-in-law lives in and I know we won’t stay in. This breaks my heart because they are making friends and are very happy with their schools.
It will work out, right?

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