First day at home – aka unemployeed

So, I am back to my title of Domestic Engineer. Unfortunately, I have so much to do to prepare for this move that the previous portion of the job description that included paying attention to my kids has been deleted. That part is not nice.

Today some people came by and picked up the furniture they purchased as well as half my house plants. My down stairs living room is EMPTY. It is weird. I find that I have an unnatural and almost spiritual connection to our things. I found myself hoping that the family who bought my couches and tables would take good care of them as if they were living and breathing things.

A few people have been kind of jerks and want to come to the house and tour every room, find every tiny and minor flaw in the furniture then negotiate a “better” price when everything is clearly marked and we’ve told everyone it is non-negotiable. The prices we are asking are extremely reasonable and we are taking a HUGE hit on everything. Do people not understand how difficult this is to do? Do they not understand the emotional strain that making an International move puts on a family? Then to come in and add to that strain by negotiating over a tiny hairline scratch on a piece of furniture? I find it disrespectful and insulting. I have been telling these people to leave my home and not come back.

But maybe I am just insane.



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