I miss fall

I love fall.  Everything about fall is wonderful – even the sneezing it induces in me.  I just love it.

In the USA, the pumpkins are ripening up and the air is turning cool and crisp. The leaves are turning and everything seems to settle into a clam nap before the winter.

Right now, my friends are unboxing their light weight sweaters and pulling out their pretty dress boots. They are hanging their jackets by the front door because they will need them in the mornings.

This is the time of making soup and the constant smell of cinnamon and cloves in the house. This is the time that the kids like to snuggle in the evenings because it is just cool enough to feel like you can cuddle forever. This is the time where the flannel jammies come out, and the fuzzy slippers. This is the time of high school football games and cool autumn evenings where everyone is cheering on their team….chanting cheers and jumping up and down screaming until they lose their voice just to help get “Johnny” to the in zone. Hats, and gloves, and blankets sit in the back seat or the trunk of cars ready for next Friday night’s game, and hot chocolate is sold at the concession stand…….

I love fall.

It was 89 F this morning in Al Ain at 7 am, and 109 F this afternoon when I drove home at 3:30. Fall doesn’t come here. It turns into a mild summer here, but never fall.

I get so sad this time of year and this is when it is most difficult for me to deal with being here. The pangs of home sickness kick in full throttle right about now, and I spend my days longing to hear the rustling of the yellowed leaves on the trees.

If you know me and come into contact with me over the next few weeks, please forgive me. I am just not myself this time of year.

I really miss fall.


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