Yes, I still exist

Hey y’all. I am here. Still alive, but finding it difficult to find the time to post anything. I have a lot to say, of course, just not the will to write it down.

The schools in this town are pathetic and we are still fighting that battle. We’ve applied at the only school left that we would even consider and I will rock up to campus for our “interview” with my tail between my legs, because I have resisted enrolling the kids there for 4 years now. I am still of the mind that all of the parents that are not happy, should pool our money together and start our own school that is run by like minded people and encourages brain based learning.

The other thing that is in the forefront of my mind is that I am once again gaining weight. Not happy about that at all. I actually have a huge post to write about this, but don’t have time. I am at work and the IT dudes are standing behind me….




2 thoughts on “Yes, I still exist

  1. Does it start with an A and end with an S? It really is the best of the worst in your area. Move to AD, my little one’s school is awesome. The IB curriculum rocks when approached correctly. But saying that no school is perfect!


  2. ha! How’d you guess??? Of course starts with an A and ends with an S could be a couple of schools here in Al Ain…. but I am sure you know which one I am referring to.


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