Sorry People; So Sorry

OK, so I haven’t written a thing in almost 4 months. There’s a reason….


There is nothing to write about. I mean, yeas, I could b!tch about the schools some more – because they deserve it. I could write about how our Ramadan and Christmas holidays went, but that’s just too darn personal.

I’ve been so busy at work for the last few months that I come home, barely eat anything then go to bed. I don’t remember what my kids look like, and there is this man sleeping in my bed who looks vaguely familiar, but I can’t remember his name…… Yes, I have been that busy.

I am looking for a new position that has shorter and more consistent hours but with close to the same pay I get now – which is a pipe dream and near impossible to find.

I am just working, trying to keep my family together and feeling very tired. Got to spend some time with my girlfriends lately which has been WONDERFUL – darn I miss those ladies!

That’s about it.

Oh and whoever you are “whoissecretdubai”, the answer is NO, I don’t know the identity of that blogger, and even if I did, I would not tell you. There is a reason the blog is anonymous so back the hell off.

Allright, that’s it from me until something exciting happens.

Peace out……



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