Becoming Mrs. Robinson

No, I am not having an affair with a younger man….Not with any man to be exact (I am very married and still head over heels in love and lust with my husband), but when did I become the “older woman”?

While we were in the USA, we had an absolute ball. I took my kids to their very first baseball game. How cool is that? It was awesome for the kids, but it slapped me in the face, bringing about the realization that I am getting older. Seems silly, but when I was a teen ager and in my early 20’s, I LOVED baseball. My step-father would take me to the games so often that we had season tickets to see the Houston Astros every year. I used to yell and scream and flirt and feel so young and excited at those games.

This summer, for the first time, I felt old. All because of that darn baseball game. I used to be the same age as those players. This summer, I was reading the little program they give you at the gate and realized that I am now 15 years older than all those boys. Yes, they are all boys. It is so funny. I feel great, I look OK, and in my mind, I am still that energetic 20 year old who could get away with anything. Realizing that I am now 15 years older than these boys kind of shattered that little part of me that thought I was still young enough to still get away with being silly.

I am a wife and mother now. I am in my 30’s!!!! ha ha ha! No, that doesn’t worry me. I am having the time of my life in my 30’s and I would not want to go back to being younger (only wish I had that body back….), but it is the realization that i have crossed a minor threshold that has me a little shaky.

I am definitely not worried, sad or anything. It’s just an observation that kinda slapped me in the face this summer, that’s all!


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