So sorry for not posting about where I get my fish! It has been a while since I visited my local guy and I just simply forgot to post!

Well, he is in Zakher – out on the road that runs parallel to the Zoo – across from the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the Co-Op shopping center. There is a vegetable shop and then the fish place is right next door.

From the Zoo, you want to head away from Sanaiya. The next round about from the Zoo will have an ADNOC on your right (just around the corner) – go straight through this round about. You will go over a speed bump about half way down – it’s a big one, so SLOW DOWN! You will eventually see Shaikh Zayed Mosque on the right then a round about. Do a U-turn at this round about (it is called the Zakher RA) and stay in your right hand lane. Turn into the Co-Op parking lot and head toward the left. The shop is on the end strip of the shopping center.

Heading away from Sanaiya toward Tawam street, if you get to the Public school on the right, a big speed bump and LuLu fried chicken, you have gone too far. Heading into Sanaiya, if you get to the speed bump then eventually another speed bump and a round about that has an ADNOC on the top left corner, you have gone too far.

I have not been to him in about a month because I started eating more salmon which he does not carry. They speak very little English, but communicate very well with hand signals and pictures. Me being female, the men thought it hilarious to present me with baby octopus and very large squid just to see my reaction. They are a good bunch of guys and they have always been honest and great to do business with.

I do not take any responsibility for the quality of fish you may find there. Nor do I take any responsibility if you get sick eating anything from there. My family has not had any problems, but each person is different…..


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