A little more organic

Well, I found a section of “organic” vegetables at Carrefour………they were mostly rotten. i guess no one buys them. I, myself, do support the local farmers (at least what I HOPE is the local farmer) and buy fresh fruits and vegetables from guys on the side of the road selling watermelons, gourds, marrow, etc… out of their trunks (boots). I buy my fish form a local fish monger here in my neighborhood, but I only buy on his delivery day which is Monday. My meat comes from Choitram downtown, but I am not sure if it is organic. I do get my beef ground right there while I can watch and see what is going in there! Everything is Halal.

Soy milk, and rice milk are available here – which I use daily since milk and I do not get along. The problem is it is hard to find Low fat soy milk – or one without added sugar. I have started using “Rice Dream” rice milk and I like the taste, but it gets………..how do I say………….little chunks in it after a few days. Not rancid, but there is particulate matter in it. Kinda gross. I have not even looked for soy creamer. I don’t use creamer, so i have never thought to look….. hhhmmm….I do like creamer, but stopped using it because of the added calories. Maybe I should look!

You can buy meat from the souk, but I can not stomach seeing it and thinking about how long it has been sitting there before I buy it…let alone weather or not the knife, counter or floor has been cleaned in the past year………. I’m kinda weird like that.

I think that is it. I will let you all know if I find something else.



3 thoughts on “A little more organic

  1. Hey Jam, one reason for you to come visit me…..we get the Waitrose long life (so you can buy the whole shelf and take it back) ‘no sugar added’ soya milk at Spinneys and soya cream. Come girl, get down here and I’ll take you shopping 🙂


  2. I like the soy creamer because it only takes a little to really add to my tea/coffee. With soy milk I end up having to add a lot to get it light enough for my tastes.I doubt it’s made its way there…my parents don’t often have it in Cleveland!Good for you for buying locally!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I don’t like buying fish in the souk either, and the stuff at Carrefour always smells rotten, so I was very interested to read about your “local” fishmonger. I have been in Al Ain for a while and have never seen a local fishmonger’s! Which neighbourhood do you live in? Would you mind giving directions to this shop? Many thanks!!


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