Organic products in Al Ain………

Well, I will start by saying that you CAN recycle here, but it is not easy. Maybe Dubai and Abu Dhabi are more advanced with this, but little old Al Ain just ain’t interested yet. There is a branch of the AD government called the EAD (Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi); as well as the EEG (Emirates Environmental Group). I am still sifting through the sites to find something about home recycling. I know our company uses a company who comes and picks up our paper waste, but I am not finding a home service – Also haven’t had a good opportunity to REALLY sit down a look very well either.

Organic food products are showing up on shelves here and there. I can find Quoina and other organic grains. Organic dairy, is not readily available (at least not that i have found). I have switched over the rice milk but yogurts are difficult to find. i am lucky to find low fat plain yogurt half the time. Organic Muesli is available and organic spices are too.

Organic (or environmental friendly) cleaning supplies are also available here now! I found something called Bio-Green (or something or other) at Carrefour the other evening. The selection was small, but it was there! I read the labels and they were legitimate and made by a company out of Australia.

OK, before someone calls me on what I know as a legitimate environmental product – remember I have a degree in Environmental health and Safety, so please don’t leave me hate mail and rude comments about it.

Organic cosmetics – I have not found them. I order my Bare Minerals and Lush bath products from the Internet. For Lush, I have to have it mailed to my mom in the USA and she forwards it onto me since Lush will not mail directly here (expiry dates on products).

I buy my bed sheets and some bath towels from Thailand at the Green Cotton shops there, and if I have friends going, I ask them to pick some up for me if I need to. A lot of people travel to Thailand frequently from here. it is inexpensive, beautiful, conveint and fun!

OK, I think I covered it…. If any of you ladies out there have found more Organics and Environmentally Friendly products, please let us know!



3 thoughts on “Organics

  1. bklyngrl says:

    Thanks for the info on organics. What about fresh organic fruits and veggies? I guess I’ll stock up on beauty products before we leave.


  2. There used to be a recycling centre of sorts next to AAESS(in the same car park). They use to have a drop off point for paper. An informal way to recycle cans is to place them in a bag next to the garbage bin, there is always someone going thru the bins looking for cans. I think Choitrams might have a selection of organic and soya dairy products. Is there a co-op in Al Ain? I can’t remember, here in Abu Dhabi they have the ALPRO yogurt brans, yum.


  3. I’ve been told soy milk is in great abundance in the larger emirates, but what about soy creamer? I think I recall a blog by Frances on “Flowers in the Sand” about the organic lettuce she bought-but she is in Abu Dhabi proper.


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