Ha ha ha!! I LOVE you guys!

It has been great reading all the comments about “you know what” (’cause I ain’t talkin about it anymore…).

UmMohammed, NO!!! I never did get a response about the wet toilets! I asked some of the girls at my work and they just giggled and dropped the subject. I know that a lot of people know who I am, but that’s OK. I don’t necessarily want it broadcast all over the place, but I don’t mind if you know either.

Sorry I don’t write the way I used too. Life has just gotten in the way, you know? Darn! I used to be funny!

I do need say something right now…

“Dude in the little white car this morning driving down the Air Port road, I am sooooooo sorry. I made a terrible decision to turn out in front of you and I am sorry that I made you squeal your breaks. It scared the hell out of me too! I seriously did not judge that you were going that fast. My bad, dude. I am sorry. Thank goodness nothing serious happened. Ok, so I had to go home and change my pants, but that is minor compared to what could have happened. :)” ~JAM

Life’s been good. My family and I have made a huge lifestyle change and are loving life now. I am thinking of starting a new blog about it. We are now official members of the Eat Clean club. We have changed the way we think about food and we ow eat to live, not life to eat. Shamless advertising: check out

Anywho. That’s my little tid bit of the day.

Thanks all of you for reading! It is so exciting to know someone out there is “paying attention”!



One thought on “Ha ha ha!! I LOVE you guys!

  1. bklygrl says:

    I sent you an email, but perhaps this is a better forum.I’m moving to Al Ain this summer and was wondering about the availability of organic foods and products. My family has become very eco-friendly, easy to do in the US. I’m wondering how easy this is in Al Ain. When we lived in Dubai recycling was not really encouraged and difficult to manage. Can’t remember if they had many organic foods,etc. available then. I think it’s become much more popular everywhere recently.I’m wondering if I should stock up on natural makeup and beauty products before we move.


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