I am here….Just drowning in a sea of work!


As you may know, I started working again about 6 months ago and I do love my job! Thing is, right now we are so busy, I barely have time to call my parents in the States let alone type in the ‘ole blog.

Life has been surprising the past week especially, and not in a good way. I will start by telling a bit of background:

We went to Paris over Easter weekend. It was a short trip, but we had so much fun. We loved Paris…until this week. Sounds strange since it has been 2 weeks since our trip right?

Well, someone somehow got hold of my ATM card number and PIN and started debiting my account yesterday. They did it 150 Euros at a time. Thanks goodness I get an SMS every time there is activity in my account because boom boom boom there it went and I started calling the bank in a complete panic!

You can never imagine the terrible feeling that comes over you when you are watching your hard earned money disappear out of your account as fast as you can blink and you can do nothing about it. You want to scream, cry and beat the hell out of someone all at once.

The bank was great at picking up on the activity and my phone started ringing with calls from the fraud department and customer service all trying to help me. Luckily, my card was deactivated before they could completely drain my account, but they were able to take out 600 Euros before it was closed. The little jerks debited cash every 30 seconds!!!

On top of all of that, this all happened while I was in the hospital getting x-rays because I BROKE MY LITTLE TOE early yesterday morning!!!!!

Needless to say, I was very happy to go to sleep last night and let the day end. This experience has made me appreciate that we do not rely on my salary for anything except my car payment and I am so thankful that it happened to me and not someone who does rely on their salary to live. Don’t get me wrong, I am pissed off that it happened, but at least it didn’t devastate us. I do want my money back and I would really like to meet these ass holes who did this.

The long awaited school post has been cut down to this: All the schools in Al Ain suck in their own way. You will just need to come here and visit them to decide which one sucks the least for you then take your chances there. And no, I do not think Al Ain English Speaking School is the best school………….you couldn’t pay me to send my kids there, but like I said, all the schools here suck, so what are we going to do? If the curriculum isn’t total crap, the teacher are crap and if the teachers aren’t crap the management is. Schools should not have a management team! What the hell? My friends and I are desperate to open our own school with a true International Curriculum and a Western management team of EDUCATORS (cause apparently you have to manage your schools here).

There….that’s my 2 cents. Let the slashing of my OPINIONS begin……….



2 thoughts on “I am here….Just drowning in a sea of work!

  1. Your story about the credit card incident is scary. Makes me think one should only use cash, but then you’re likely to get mugged! You made me wonder though if the banks here cover you in an event like this. I know that they do in Australia. Does the UNB cover us though? I guess it’s worth finding out. As for schools. My kids packed up and left home a while back. Yay! I love them dearly, but it IS nice to be kidless. I think that all schools everywhere suck. Obviously some worse than others! It’s absurd to think that you can give any sort of attention and education to a group of 25+ kids. I’ve worked with groups of 8 – 12 ESL, behaviour problem and remedial kids in schools (not here in UAE) and had great success with them because you can get them to work in pairs, teams and individually and give each of them the attention they need. As soon as you get beyond about 12, it is hard to manage the group in the best interests of each kid.My son was bored at school and I home schooled him for a long time. He went back for the last two years and fitted in beautifully becoming school captain in his final year. My daughter was a particular challenge at school and I was constantly getting calls to come and pick her up. She combined a very high IQ with substandard social skills. In one city we lived I found a school that had no requirements that the kid attend classes. My daughter spent 3 months sitting in a tree. It was a very nice tree! After three months she came down and asked one of the teachers if she could do some maths. They negotiated a contract and my daughter, who had the opportunity to choose to learn, became a self directed learner. When we left that city, we home schooled her. She went back to school for the last few years and split the staff. They either loved her or hated her. She was frequently suspended, but eventually got through as school dux despite an oversupply of absences. The school was a normal government school that was sympathetic to her problems and appreciative of her talents. We were lucky!Until they cut class sizes in half, schools will always be horrible places. Sorry about the rant, but I just don’t like schools!


  2. Have you figure out which school is the best in Al Ain after these years? My kids still in Future, thought of changing them to a new school but I still have yet to find a decent one.


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