Schools, life and things

I received a few comments on a previous post that were inquiring about schools in Al Ain. I will try my hardest to get on in the next few days and do a short run down of schools here. I just don’t have the time right this minute…

My oldest son turned 10 recently…….I know….it is enough to make a mom’s heart explode thinking about how quickly her chubby little toe headed baby boy is turning into a tall and handsome young man. I am so proud of him I could scream from Jabel Hafeet about it, but it would embarrass him, so I won’t.

For all of those who know me personally, I am so sorry. Really, I do love all my friends and I think of you all often. Just because I don’t e-mail daily (as I used to), it doesn’t mean you are not on my mind.

I really really really love my job. I could not have dreamed (or is it drempt?) up a more suitable working environment for myself than what I have now.

I wanted to leave you with a photo of the beautiful camel who was kind enough to haul my goofy rear end across the desert this weekend but it seems that uploading is still going too slow right now. Wonder when those underwater cables will be fixed?

I will post again soon……Inshallah……. 🙂


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