Home for the holidays

We went home for Christmas and it was wonderful. Of course, it was wonderful……because we have been away long enough to have that nostalgia feeling that life is perfect in our home country and have forgotten about all the crap we would have to deal with if we were there for good. But it was beautiful. i sometimes forget how beautiful the landscape of the USA is. it was so great to see nature doing what nature is supposed to do – being random and trees not growing in perfect rows.

Everyone was fine and good, and everyone was still very curious about life here in the UAE, but I guess that will never go away.

Back at work now after suffering with the flu the week we got home. A little word of advice: If you have the flu (accompanied by the obligatory high fever) DO NOT; I repeat, DO NOT; get on an airplane for 24 hours. It was freaking miserable. I am so sorry to everyone sitting around me. i really hope no one got sick. 🙂

The week has been just plain weird and amazing with all this rain. Seems that we are lucky here in Al Ain and don’t have to take a motor boat to work! Sorry about you guys in Dubai and Sharjah.

The cool weather is just wonderful but I still don’t see the need for a parka! It cracks me up to see these guys all bundled up like they are going skiing! I guess if I lived in the desert all my life, it would be different…..

I have a lot floating in my head, but of course think of it all at night then can’t remember what it was in the morning to produce an interesting blog… Sorry. I need to start writing this crap down!

If anything pops into my head today, i will try to write.



One thought on “Home for the holidays

  1. grace says:

    hey.. found your blog by “”mistake”” but I’M SOOO GLAD I DID!! im considering moving there this year and while doing my research i found several of this blogs. Yours was very interesting to me since i am a woman, i am american and i am terrified of moving away from home… its nice to know i wont be the only one….can you please write about the local way of life and the community?? i been trying to learn more but all i find is very general… thank..< < ur new blog reader>> grace.


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