Thing is….

You know how sometimes you want to write to let out your frustrations? So you sit down to write and then realize that your husband’s office mates have found your blog and they know who you are…… so you try to tone it down then when you read over it you realize it is total crap….

That is where I am right now.

There are MANY things I want to write about but have had my hands tied. I feel like everything i write is lacking and has no real meaning.

Right now, what I really want to write about is my new job that i start on Sunday and how nervous and excited I am about it, but I can’t go into much detail because I don’t want “things” to get “out there” and I don’t want certain people to know too much about where it is or what I will be doing.
I want to write about the little arse hole I witnessed in the grocery store slam into a woman in an Abaya and nearly knock her down and not say a word of sorry to her and the fact that she just took it.
I want to write about how I was supposed to go to Japan over Eid but wasn’t able to because of something I can’t say here.
I want to write about how much i miss my mother and want to see her face and smell her hair but can’t because i have no time.
I want to write about my friend who has an alcoholic husband and can’t get out from under him because of things I can’t say here.

So, can you see why I feel like this blog has come to a dead end?

I have had many people ask me to not give it up though (not just those of you have left comments). I am thinking about it.



5 thoughts on “Thing is….

  1. My husband gave my blog address to someone at work who is into cars like we are. I don’t know if he has passed my blog around to any others. I go to business dinners, etc, but don’t really associate with any of the other spouses. My kids are away at college, and I have promised myself not to write anything too personal or about my husband’s work, etc. So I focus on other things instead. I take photos of stuff going on around my area, and work that into the blog. You might consider doing a photo blog where you can use a photo to take off on a rant, opinion, etc making it seem not so personal, even though it might be.I totally understand where you’re coming from though – it’s not easy being anonymous, and I’ve given up on it.


  2. Totally agree with you and VB. I read your blog. Love your writing style, wish I had it in me. I’ve often thought of ending my blog. But then again, it’s something I enjoy, I keep it non personal and hopefully a little of the info I put out there is helpful to someone or gives them a chuckle.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog! Please don’t stop! I am relativetly new to Al Ain and reading your blog makes me laugh and survive in this town….


  4. Hey there-I’ve been reading your archives. I agree w/ Vagabond (fancy meeting you here!) about keeping a photo blog…sometimes articles about life in the UAE communicate a lot of information w/o you having to commit to providing an opinion that others might misuse. Off-topic, did you move your cats there from the US, and how did you go about doing so? Did they come over on the same flight as you?


  5. Well, I have to say ‘me too.’ I don’t know you, but it’s soooo good to read your blog and indeed to have a range of blogs to read now and then. It helps keep me nudging towards the ‘sane’ end of the sane-insane continuum rather than plunging hopelessly to the wrong end! It’s good to see rants and opinions, photos and facts, inanities and phobias. I value all of the local blogs and appreciate them all. Of course your concerns about loss of anonymity are real and important. That crossover between the virtual and real world is difficult to navigate. I hope that you can steer a course that serves your interests and allows you to remain part of the virtual community.


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