Random and boring (not necessarily in that order)

Is it just me, or does it annoy the crap out of everyone else when women call their husband’s their “hubby”. Ah, well, it’s probably just me, but it really makes me want to puke.

Well, traffic in this little town is getting pretty bad compared to last year at this time. I heard that one of the local education companies brought in about 200 new expats. Where are these people living? It is amazing how things have changed since last year here in my little neighborhood. Last year, our house was one of three that was built, complete and had families living in them. Right this very moment, I can look out my window and there are houses everywhere I look. Don’t know if I am too happy about it. I liked the quiet. As long as they don’t build a house next door and block my view of Jabel Hafeet, I guess all will be well.

So, I am still looking for a job. If any of you know of anything, drop me a line. I also need a house maid….and a tan…and a personal trainer….and some new shoes….and a hair cut….. ha ha ha!!!



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