First Day Gitters

Well, we all made it through check in at school this morning. Though I did feel like having a throw down with a few other parents…..That’s beside the point. We checked P-man in first since the line for his grade was the least crowded. No glitches – everything was hunky dorey. We went over to Little Bit’s grade table and stood……and stood……and stood……after about the 20th black clad lady shoved infornt of Little Bit and me, I got to my boiling point, said a few things I probably shouldn’t have and grabbed all three kids to head off to the boy’s school to check in Blondie. His was easy, except that somehow his name had been deleted from all existing lists which was really irritating because I worked on those class lists for weeks and weeks and weeks……Oh well, again, beside the point…… Blondie chose to be in the class room with his good friend from the previous school which made me really happy because he is a good boy. He walked into class and was all smiles. WHEW! One down and two to go!

Next, I took P-man over to his class room. He was so nervous, but got instantly excited when he saw his very best friend in the whole world in his class! He even forgot to say goodbye to me! That’s ok, because I felt good knowing he was happy.

Little Bit and I trudged back down stairs to wait in line AGAIN. We stood there and stood there and stood there again only to be shoved over by all the “important” people. I was fuming! I decided since I knew what class she was in already, I would just take her to class. So we, took a little walk and found her class. She was pretty nervous and wanted to hide behind my legs, but the teacher got her attention and very slyly asked Little Bit if she would help her today because she (the teacher) was nervous and needed a friend….. Slick lady! Little Bit hugged her and said “OK, I will help you” and that was that. All over….

I am thinking next year, I am going to invest in a flashy Abaya and wear that on our first day so I can shove to the front without any regard for anyone else. Maybe we all should. Seriously! Have these ladies ever heard of a QUEUE? Otherwise known as a LINE…….

OK, enough about that.

Now I am home and the house is VERY QUIET…… I need to get off this computer and start occupying myself with something.

Hope everyone else had a good first morning at school! This year is going to be great – cutting in line aside!



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