We’re back and I am bored

Well, we’ve been home for a few weeks now. I just haven’t had anything worth blogging about to come down here and type…. I am not saying that I have anything to blog about now, but I just feel like it, I guess.

Our holiday in Australia was fan-freaking-tastic! Had fun, did all sorts of cool things, ate good food, saw some whales, bought lots of new shoes………. It was nice to be around people like ourselves for a while. You forget how much you miss that.

In the few weeks I have been home, don’t ask me why, but I have been looking up old friends on classmate sites. Funny enough, I am finding quite a few. The thing that surprises me is how few of them completed their college education and how fat they all are now. What is up with that? I mean, I didn’t go to some country bumpkin school where the girls marry their high school sweetheart the day after graduation and start squeezing out babies in 9 months (not that that’s a bad thing……). I went to an upper middle class school. Our parents were over achieving baby boomers with degrees, sometimes multiple degrees, big homes, flashy cars, European vacations, etc… The National Merit Honor Scholar was in my graduating class (he was also my boy friend for 2 years) – AND HE DIDN”T EVEN GO TO COLLEGE!!!! He plays fooze ball on a professional circuit. Here I have been thinking that I could have done more – feeling like I am a failure because I have a degree but I don’t use it. Now, I am learning that I am a minority for even having the degree at all…… It is strange.

I struggled all those years in college. I worked a full time day job, a part time night and week end job, was pregnant with my first child during one year and thought I would never make it through after he was born. When I graduated in 1999, I was so relieved I swear you could have pushed me over with a feather that day. I worked so hard to get that piece of paper. Now I can’t find a job. HA!

Oh well, such is life. I know the post is boring and probably doesn’t make sense….. Just needing to get some thoughts out of my head (on a public forum….what kind of freak am I?).


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