Just things

HHHHMMMM……. Where do I start? There is so much crap floating around in my head right now, I have no idea where to begin.

I am exhausted – for no reason other than because i am BORED. How much does that suck?

You know? It really flabbergasts me when I meet a western expat here and find out that they have never met an Emirate (on purpose) or that they don’t speak ANY Arabic, or know anything about the culture. It seems a big waste of life to come live in a place like this and not explore the culture and try to meet the people. What kind of bubble do these people who make no effort exist in? I can’t imagine the sad, ignorant lives that someone like that would lead.

On the other hand, it still freaks me out when an Emirate is surprised when I understand their Arabic conversation, or when I greet them or know some little tid bit of the history and culture here. One girl was almost brought to tears a few days ago when she asked me if I could identify some photos of men for her and I was able to tell her they were Sheikh Zayed (MHRIP), Sheikh Khalifa, and Sheikh Mohamed. I mean c’mon!

I feel like by being given the opportunity to live here, it is my duty to learn about the people and culture. How the heck are we going to ever have a peaceful world if we don’t learn as much as possible about one another? Isn’t it ignorance that fuels the hate and fear which causes wars? Isn’t it ignorance that causes mis communications and misunderstandings?

I don’t want to be part of that ignorance. While I know that I don’t know everything there is to know about the people here, I make it a point to ask questions. I make it a point to read books and look information up on the Internet and talk to people. It would be such a shame to live here all this time, take the money from working here and leave here as ignorant as I came.

I just don’t understand how people can be so flipping self centered and stupid. Really, it is just plain stupid to not take advantage of this learning opportunity and enjoy it while we all can.

That’s my 2 fils for today…………



One thought on “Just things

  1. Good for you..well done sir..you know i agree with everything you said..expats who lives here..must at least know a little background of where they live..i know expats people who lives just next to me..and they seems that they dont go anywhere but their jobs..i tried to make friends with them..but they couldnt..they sounds that no way to be in touch with any local here..even i am from palestineexpats here should feel free to go out to learn to know to explore..life is not always work..they have to enjoy them self..thanks for posting this..i really like it very much..


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