People we meet in our life

You know? I don’t have a lot of friends. That’s OK by me, because the few that I do have are really good friends and the relationships are quality and will last a lifetime. What I do have are a lot of acquaintances and then some people that I know by face because of working but the extent of our conversations has been “Hello” and “Have a nice day”.

One particular man that I have a “Hello”, “Have a nice day” relationship with just makes me smile every time I see him. If I describe him, some of you may know him……. I guess that’s OK, because I am not saying anything bad about him….. He is this big, tall German man with silver hair. He looks 100% business – you know, the kind of man you don’t want to have angry at you? He has a daughter who is about 5 or 6. She is precious – beautiful. This man walks his daughter into the school every morning, says goodbye to her and goes back to his car and leaves. Today, I watched him walk back to his car and I got a good little chuckle. Why? Because the car he got into was a red Ford Mustang. I think it is pretty cool that even big, serious German men have a soft spot in their hearts for a good ‘ole American muscle car!



3 thoughts on “People we meet in our life

  1. I now use the word acquaintance in lieu of friend. I started this sometime ago when thinking of what it means to be a friend.People I work with are not necessarily my friends, though I am usually on good terms with them, its just I don’t think it right to lump them in people who know when my birthday is, who my history, whose history I know etc. I have often thought of what you describe as a parade or a stream. Sometimes we try to make lasting connections and even rarer the connections hold.The only people I am in regular touch with from my UAE days were mainly my wife’s friends. My college days? 0, my HS days? The only one, by chance became my eye doctor, grad school days? Ha!


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