Shaking things up in Sanaiya

What do you get when you put a 5 ft 7 really tired and kinda grundgy looking brunette with fair skin trying to get her tires fixed in Sanaiya? Add a really loud laugh, and you get a car accident!

Ha ha ha!!!! You always see it in the movies, but it really happened to me. I was in Sanaiya getting my tires fixed the other morning and it caused quite a stir! Men were crawling out of the wood work, so to say. They were all walking by the tire shop and saying hello, then this one in his little Nissan pick up decided to stare a little too long and WHACK! He hit the little Sunny in front of him at the corner!

I have never laughed so hard in my life! My maid was in hysterics too! The dude at the tire shop just giggled and then winked at me.

What an ego boosting day. Then again, it is not necessarily the kind of attention I want…… I didn’t ask for it. I wasn’t dressed in tight clothes or low cut anything. I had on sweat pants and a t-shirt with my tennies. Hell, I didn’t even have make up on and my hair was not fixed…..

It does get irritating sometimes though (being stared at all the time). I actually don’t notice it most of the time anymore. When my brother-in-law was here he really noticed it and asked me if it bothered me, but usually I just smile at the ones I notice looking (only because I am a nice person) and go on with my life.

OK, that’s it for me talking in circles……



3 thoughts on “Shaking things up in Sanaiya

  1. taxi lady – you would know too….you’re quite the hottie yourself – IMO! Best looking taxi driver I’ve ever seen!marcus – I didn’t even think of that! Actually, the men talked amongst themselves, surveyed the damage, shook hands and parted ways. I guess it wasn’t that bad.


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