Don’t ask me what kind of crazy I was today, but I agreed to have some of my friend’s kids over this afternoon. I picked them all up from school and brought them home. There were 6 kids in my truck…… Five boys and one girl.

We get home and the kitchen was raided. We ate and drank and belched and then like a shot gun pattern, they all ran off. It was quite nice having them here. I find that the more kids you have, the less you have to do because they all entertain each other.

I witnessed some of the funniest things today with all these kids here. First, a four year old girl can definitely keep up with a group of active boys – no matter what their ages. Second, when a little boy farts, it is best to just leave the room. Third, spit balls really annoy my dog. Fourth, little boys can not dance. really, they can’t. It looks more like they are having a seizure. They can not dance. Fifth, No matter how cool they think they are, you can still scare little boys with the whole “come look at this scar on the back of my neck” then turn and bark at them thing. They were all so cute!

I wish I remember being a kid. It seems like it should have been a fun time.



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