Bored out of my freaking mind

So, several things are going on here. I am just not involved in any of them.

~We had a 3 day sand storm
~It has been raining all night
~House is flooded
~I have a lake in my garden
~Kept kids home from school today
~I am depressed

Why in the hell am I depressed? I have no freaking idea. I love the rain. I love the cool air it brings. I am bored. I don’t feel like getting dressed. I wanted to cook today but instead have spent the day at the computer reading blogs. My stomach hurts.

I feel like I need a vacation but we just got home from one. Is this the point in my expat life where I go completely crazy and start hating everyone and everything around me? It seems like the time between needing a vacation is becoming less and less with every vacation we take. I don’t necessarily want to go anywhere in particular, I just don’t want to be here. I don’t dislike it here, I just don’t want to be here. Does that make sense?

We are thinking of moving to the other side of town. Maybe that is what has me all goofy. I think I need a change, and maybe that is the change I am looking for. I don’t know.

I HATE the school the kids are going to and can not wait to get them the hell out of there. I wish I could just keep them home for the rest of the year and then send them to “the wonderful school” next year. Can’t do that though. MOE won’t allow it.

I don’t want my kids at Future International School any longer. If you read this blog and you live in Al Ain, please go out and take a tour of the Emerites National School. If you know any history there, don’t let that turn you sour. It is history, not present. This school is amazing and with the current principal, I can only see it getting better. I am awestruck at the idea that my kids will have the opportunity to go there next year. I am so excited about it I can barely contain myself. I just wish they could go now. I really really really hate Future International School. It is not fun for them any more. They are not allowed to play outside in the mornings any more. They can’t go to the library in their breaks and off periods anymore. They can not play with a freaking ball in the court yard anymore. They have to do calisthenics every morning. Not to mention the fact that (and don’t get pissed at me for typing this) they have to listen to a Quran reading every morning and then half of the assembly in Arabic every morning. It is an English medium school with an American curriculum. I sent my kids there because at the time, it was the closest thing I found to what they were used to in the US and now that the principal has changed and I am no longer there, the school is more like a public Emirate school. If I wanted my kids to have to listen to Quran recitals every morning, do calisthenics and listen to assemblies in Arabic, I would have sent them to Al Dahfra or Liwa. I am not happy about this change and I can not wait to get my kids out of there. They have gone from loving school and excited to go every morning to hating it and begging to stay home. What does that say? It feels horrible to have to take them there every day and to see their faces when I drop them off. I hate it. It rips my heart out. I want education to be fun for them. I want them to develop a lifelong love of learning but this school is ruining that for them. I HATE THIS!



4 thoughts on “Bored out of my freaking mind

  1. ashtropiuz – ENS is located out by the Air Port close to the Al Jimi area. I will try to do a post about the school. I need to collect my thoughts first though. Today is a bad emotional day for me.If your kids go to FIPS, you probably know me…… If you don’t then they do. 😉


  2. This will probably not help with your depression. We lived in Abu Dhabi for 5 and a half years. Our children attended the best American school there (you probably know it – or have heard of it). When they first started it seemed like a “private” school in the States. It took one superintendent, one mean spirited board president, a few new principles and their friends as teaching staff (all in 1 year) to turn it into a very ugly environment. We ended up sending our kids off to boarding school for High School – something I never imagined. I sympathize with you. My son was constantly sick (psychosomatic), my daughter was bullied by the “mean girls” and the school staff were petty. I wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately, I know nothing about schools in Al Ain, only Abu Dhabi. Just another expat mom’s experience – all I can offer is there is always another alternative- one you may not like, but will be best for your kids. (My kids are in college now.)


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