When one door closes…..

What is the saying? “When one door closes, another one opens”?

Two days ago, I was greeted with a gift of sorts. Her name, I can not say – because I lack the ability to pronounce the more guttural sounds required to do it – but I do feel lucky. Just as I was still reeling from the drama of firing my house keeper and I was depressed about my lack of a job and the fact that some of my stress related illness have not subsided, I opened my front door to find a lovely lady standing on my front porch. She had a suitcase, a beautiful smile and my gardener with her. She is my gardener’s sister. They had come to ask if she could spend the night in our extra room outside because she was “in limbo”. we agreed to let her spend the night and she asked if she could clean for me as repayment of the favor. I said yes.

After observing her yesterday, and seeing her with the kids, I asked her to stay. She does not speak English, but she is so clever. I don’t even know how to describe how she has changed our lives in just two days. She asks questions, and is learning. She broke one of my trinkets today and immediately brought it to me to show me what had happened. She looked as thought she was going to vomit because of it, but the fact that she was willing to admit what happened, I just couldn’t be angry (besides, it was a gift market special – so I wasn’t heart broken). My daughter loves her and actually fell asleep on her this afternoon – which is amazing all on its own, because my daughter doesn’t like anyone really.

She cooks, cleans, and smiles. I think that she might be “the one” – LOL! Our house is so peaceful now. I met her husband and he is lovely. A very shy man who about fell over when I invited him to come eat lunch with his wife in her room.

Oh my goodness!!!! She just came in and asked me when I wanted to eat! She wants me to show her how to cook my famous Southern Fried Chicken……

I don’t know. Things seem to be looking up. I have applied for a job, so everyone please say a little prayer for me. I don’t NEED it, but I sure WANT it. The kids went and toured their new school (for next year) and were so excited about it that they wanted to start today! Hopefully, this will be a new beginning for us all. I feel like we need it.



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