I’m gonna be a snob again


Now that I am home full time, I have had an opportunity to get to know my family and my house again. It is amazing how things can go so wrong while you are preoccupied with other things. What do I mean?

I fired my maid – for many reasons, but now I am very glad. When she was here I thought it was wonderful and that she was really helping me. Now that I am home, I wonder what planet I was living on for the last 3 months. I am looking around my house and am noticing that shelves are stuffed with things that don’t belong there. My poor kids clothes are all jumbled up. The baby’s clothes are in my middle son’s closet, my middle son’s clothes are in her closet….my oldest son has half of my t-shirt collection in his closet! I really don’t know the last time the kids sheets were washed on their beds. Their back packs were stuffed full of papers and trash and broken pencils….. I still can’t find some of our clothes. Who knows where they ended up. Oh, and I found my toaster…..you wanna know where? Yup, I found it in my home gym under the television. Why? I don’t know. Maybe she thought it was some sort of VCR or something.

Really, I know these girls have little experience with all the extravagances we Westerners have around the house, but why on earth can they not ask what something is or where it goes? Why? I also discovered that one of my lamps is broken, the vacuum is no longer sucking and that she has been using an abrasive cleaner on my silver in the house…..

I have learned a lesson. PAY ATTENTION. I need someone who is an observer. Someone who will take the initiative, but also ask questions and learn. I need someone who speaks English……

It is funny. Never in my life did I ever imagine that I would ever have a maid. Then again, never in my life did I imagine that I would be complaining about having a maid…..


PS – We start the interviewing process over again on Thursday… I want someone who cooks!


One thought on “I’m gonna be a snob again

  1. Hope you find someone. It’s not easy, the best way is through references. I just can’t be bothered to train someone again, just saps my energy. Not to mention the expense of visa’s etc. Did you see in the Gulf News that the Philippines Embassy has stipulated a minimum wage now. About time! Hope the others follow.


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