Don’t know what to say…..

I just had a party. A party for myself and for my ex-supervisor……

It was a sad but wonderful day. How do I even begin to explain what has happened? You know, the problem with trying to spread the news of a bad situation in the Emirates is that everyone knows everyone and you never know who may be watching…..

What it boils down to is that the man who owns the school we worked at is dishonest. He made promises and didn’t follow through with them. We worked our rear ends off for him and we put our heart and soul into that school and he treated us like dog crap on the bottom of his shoe.

He has included my name in a legal complaint against another company in town – one which I have NOTHING to do with. He has jeopardised my future and he could potentially jeopardise my husband’s future and that really angers me. I want to shout from the roof tops about this little man but because he has a strong family name, I can not.

Just for the record, I did NOT leave my job because I had a position at another company. I left my job because of health related issues – really, I did. It was just my opportunity to go, so I took it. Unfortunately, he has made it such that my name is now being dragged through something that resembles shit and now I am angry.

Currently, I am staying home and plan on using some time to recuperate and get my thoughts in order. I plan on painting and making some flower arrangements. I NEVER had another job lined up – why would I? I don’t need to work.

All I will say is please do not place your children in his school. He is a little man with little ideas and no knowledge of how to run any sort of reputable business. Your children will be plagued with a revolving door of principals, and teachers who are unhappy because of late pay of being docked pay for various reasons – vith no vacation pay. May I also say that if your child does go to his school currently and is in the class room of LORINDA DAKKA – please, be weary. She is not a good teacher no matter what you think. She is tired and bitter and really does talk nasty about most of the children in her classroom after school hours.

Consider moving your children out of this school next year. I really don’t care where you go as long as it is not there.

I am so sad. We had such big dreams for those students. We were really doing something good there. What a stupid, stupid, little man.

It is a sad day.


4 thoughts on “Don’t know what to say…..

  1. Good on you for blowing the whistle on that teacher. Now, what you should do is just rest, put your feet up and contemplate life for a while. Oh, and call me so we can go out for coffee…!


  2. Anonymous says:

    my daughter was with her last grade. what i recount is that she was not good enough in her teaching and isn’t professional enough. But again other schools are having ripping off fees. And AAESS is as bad with those toilet-story case.


  3. Anonymous says:

    How do you know what is going on in any toilet? Maybe the school your daughter is in has the exact same thing but people are either ignaorant of it or able to keep it under wraps. Glass houses my friend….


  4. Holy crap! I thought I was taking a chance by mentioning an actual person’s name, but Anon., you have committed a serious crime. Heaven forbid anyone should say anything bad about AAESS. While I admit that this toilet thing was blown way out of proportion, what is the big love affair with this school? I wouldn’t send my kids there ever – and not because of the fees. One thing about the school I just came from is that the boys and girls share a toilet up to grade 4. THAT IS WRONG. I can not wait to get my kids out of that school.


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