I have been very neglectful…..

Sorry. Been busy.

We just got home from two weeks in Thailand. It was great!

My cat ended up having a virus and the two cats stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks. They are home now and doing great. It was very scary for a while, but all is well now. You don’t realize how much you attach yourself to these animals until something happens to them. The little cat is now very clingy and as soon as we come home, she follows me everywhere I go and will jump in my lap as soon as I sit down.

Let’s see….what else needs an update? Is anyone reading this dribble anymore?

I will post something separately about our trip. it was an adventure for us – but way fun!

I also am feeling very romantic today and need to write something about my husband…..don’t know if I will do that here or not……

HEY! Does anyone have any ideas on how to help me keep track of my kids homework assignments and how to help them be more organized? My 9 year old constantly forgets to write his assignments down, but remembers them at 9 pm on Saturday night….. My 6 year old, does his homework, but never gets all his books back into his book bag and my 4 year old, takes her homework out of her bag, sets it down to do it, gets distracted and looses the papers…… We are hopeless! Any ideas are welcome!



4 thoughts on “I have been very neglectful…..

  1. Hey JAMI read your Blog. I am Brn’s sister (from Bss & Brn in Al Ain) in the States. I miss him and his family alot and like reading about life there in the UAE. Your blog is great. I have missed it. I am glad your cats are better and that you had a good trip. Dont ask me abot organization, Brn can tell you, he got all the brains in the family, but NONE of us are organized.


  2. Hi Jen,This is “probably” how to get to that Heritage Village: Go towards Hili/Dubai, after you pass AL Jimi you’ll see signs towards Jimi Oasis. Follow those signs, once you come closer to Jimi Oasis, you’ll pass a traditional old clay building on your right (just next to Jimi Oasis), after a speedbump you make a right, and just follow the small road thru the oasis for a couple hundred meters. Village is on your right. Hope you’ll find it.Percy:)


  3. Hey JAM you are the most orginized person I know, how can your kids not be LOL. Seriously, all I can say is routine, routine, routine….oh and a 4 year old getting homework..I’m shocked!


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