I came home from work yesterday and Cleo was still very lethargic. She would not walk around or eat anything. I got too worried and ended up taking her to the vet here in Al Ain. He said she is extremely dehydrated – which to me says she took in something that was poisonous. He pinched her skin and it stayed. He also said she was cold and her temperature was very low. He wanted to keep her for a few days and see what he could do for her. I left her.

I called today and he said she is much better but not ready to come home yet. Alhumdullah!

So, good news after such a rough week!

ha ha ha! I didn’t even post about what happened the first of last week, did I? To quote my best Arabic friend: “Oh my goodness….. it is too much. Too much!”

Let’s see….my week started with my friend receiving a phone call from my house keeper at about 11 am on Sunday. My house keeper and my friend are both Filipino and good friends, so it was not unusual for them to call each other. We were really busy at work, so she did not answer and didn’t think anything of it. Then later, she checked her phone and came to me panicked saying that my house keeper has called four times in the last hour – something must be wrong! So, I call her and let my friend talk to her since it is easier for her to speak her native language when she is upset by something. Come to find out, my problem gardener has locked her in her bed room and would not let her out! Then when she finally got out, he wouldn’t let her pass him so she sat down and he sat on her! What the hell – right? I was furious! Needless to say, there was a huge issue of this and the boy has since been fired. Unfortunately, I don’t control his visa and the turd is still on my property! We agreed with the home owner that he should be given the opportunity to find other work. He is very young after all and this is so out of the blue that we really feel like it was a prank gone awry. It was said hat the boy did find other work and I was under the impression that he would be leaving for Sharja this past weekend, but I am watching him mow my grass right now. I don’t know. He is not allowed in the house and we lock it up like a fortress, so he can’t get in, but I want him gone – out of my sight!

What a nice beginning to a work week, huh? The rest has been like this so far the cat goes missing, I lost two English exams at school, I have gained 2 kilos and I have had a darn headache for three days. I can’t wait until next week when we leave for Thailand! I just can’t wait to exhale, you know?



3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I know Marcus – he is a bastard, isn’t he?

    Found out he will be going home to Bangladesh instead of staying in the UAE. It is probably better that way.
    I just wish he would leave!


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