News – but not great news – yet

The kitty came home yesterday while we were in Dubai. I don’t know if she came home on her own, or if our gardener trapped her, but she is home. She was sleeping on Blondie’s bed when we got in. Her body is in good shape. No bumps, scratches or scrapes. Mentally, she is not well. She latched onto me and would not let go. She plants herself in one place (hidden under a blanket or covers) and won’t move. She wants to be near to my husband and me and she won’t move. She purrs when we pet her but she will not look at us or interact with her sister. It is like she is exhausted. She peed in her sleep last night and is not willing to go to her litter box. I am worried that maybe she was poisoned. I don’t know. Only time will tell. But, she is home and we are taking care of her. If she dies, she will be surrounded by people who love her.



2 thoughts on “News – but not great news – yet

  1. Anonymous says:

    COME ON CLEO!! You can do it!! Think warm laps, a lots of sunny afternoon naps. It’s ok to give her space, as long as it takes for her to come to you. mew-la


  2. A cat in Al-Ain & cat named Cleo we have a few things in common.

    Anyway, after the first summer I went away on vaction I returned and when I got back I sat down and Yoda came to me. He gently bit me and we soaked up each other’s presence.


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