So sad tonight

One of my cats is missing. Cleo got out the door today while my new gardener or maid was doing something. She just had surgery and still has stitches. She is young. I am so worried about her. I have put out food and blankets at each door to our house hoping she comes back. Everyone please say a little prayer. Boy child is just devastated. The two of them were real pals.

One thought on “So sad tonight

  1. I had a cat when in Al-Ain. I called him Yoda as he had big Yoda-like ears.

    He would disappear every now and then too. Once I was away and when I got home my fiance and maid said he went missing. I walked around a bit and heard him. They told me I was just hearing things but I followed my ears and he was trapped on our building’s roof.

    Another time he went into my neighbor’s apt as she was preparing to leave on a long weekend. I managed to get him out. I hope your kitty comes back & right soon!


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