Woo Hoo!!!

I just rode a four wheeler! It was a BLAST!!!

I have been afraid to get on it because the last time I was on a motorized vehicle that wasn’t a car, I drove right into a chain link fence and almost killed a dog….. It was a super powered “Vespa” in like 1989, or something, but I swear I almost died.

My husband showed me how to use the clutch and change gears on this mammoth machine and I was off to a slow and jerky start. I looked over to my left and saw my 8 and 6 year old boys going 100 miles an hour and doing donuts int eh sand and decided I needed to let go and have fun. I was shifting smoothly and hitting 3rd gear in about 20 minutes and after an hour, I worked up enough courage to try and drive over a minor sand dune. OK, well, it was only a foot high, but c’mon, I was on an adrenalin rush! Looking back, it probably was not the smartest decision I have ever made, but damn it was fun! I hit the nub a little side ways and almost flipped the four wheeled beast right over on top of me, but I saved it and only ended up with a base ball size bruise on the inside of my right knee.

WOO HOO!!! Crikey, it was fun! Sorry – I was channeling Steve Erwin……..Good guy.

I am a new woman! Ha ha ha!!!! Can you imagine? ME on a four wheeler? And yes, I had my full face of make up on and my nails done. What a blast!



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