Wow! I am over the flu (alhumdullah!!!). This week has been a bit crazy. It started with the revelation that the MOE suddenly canceled our school’s scheduled (and previously approved) Christmas break. It seems the owner of the school put in a call to a few of his friends to get the time off canceled. This not only is completely asinine (because our school is half Christian AND is an American curriculum….), but causes a huge problem as most of our students and teachers have scheduled holidays and purchased air tickets out of here. It totally is not the fault of the MOE, but someone should really think before making these knee jerk reactions in the name of “wasta”, you know?

The other thing that has me all up in arms is the subject of Hajj. Well, not really Hajj itself, because it is a sacred and holy thing, but some people and the choices they make…… Let me explain.
I know a lady who is a single mom (I don’t know how or why she is single – it isn’t my business). She has one daughter who is a good student, but not a strong student. The daughter needs a lot of help and attention in regard to school work among other things in life…. Now, this mom called to inform the school that she is going on Hajj. That is great, BUT the time she will be gone falls right in the first week of school finals. Now mom expects the school to push back the child’s finals one week because she won’t be here to study with her (because she will be on Hajj….something she NEVER fails to mention when she is discussing the matter). I don’t know. It seems very selfish to me to leave your child who really needs your help during this time to pursue your own path. It doesn’t seem like this is the right thing to do to me. I am angry about it and I just want to understand what or why it is OK to leave your extremely nervous, already neurotic child during end of term finals when she is not a strong student to begin with. The fact that she bitched at the school and expected us to “do more, try more” with her daughter when her mid term grades came back does not make this sit any better with me either.

I just don’t understand parents. “Help our children more; Send more books home, but not too much homework. No home work over the weekends or holidays, but why isn’t Timmy getting Math homework everyday???” I mean, come on! Every stinking day it is “Do this for my child; do that for my child”. Don’t these people understand that the education does not stop when these kids leave the school? Do these parents know that learning and teaching is an on going thing that needs to be done by teachers and parents alike? I get so frustrated when these parents come in to gripe that their child is not doing well. Really, I don’t think that is the full fault of the school. These parents hire tutors, but they themselves do not check up on the school work. They have no clue what is going on in their child’s life and then mid terms show up with these red marks on them and “BAM” the parent is “shocked”! Oh, c’mon! Catch a freaking clue people! Pay attention to your damn kids!

I have another friend whose cat was shot this weekend and killed. Now, tell me, were those parents paying attention to their kids? It just astounds me the hypocrisy I see every day all over the place (it is not just here in the UAE). I get so damn angry because I am busting my rear end to raise my kids to be trustworthy and reliable human beings and they see all this other crap going on around them. I am finding it more and more difficult to justify the behavior of other children to my own. I am regularly appalled by the behavior I observe in the children here, both National and expats alike. It seems like people come to the UAE and their kids become little disrespectful jerks. I just don’t know.

It saddens me that we are letting our future slip away by letting these kids run wild or by ignoring them or leaving them behind. This little girl whose mom is going on Hajj is just so lovely and all she really needs is a lot of love and attention. This boy who killed the cat is the same way. He shot the animal while it was on the balcony of it’s owner’s home. In a different world, the mom would have never let the child have the gun in the first place. How do you let your child have a gun? Why do these moms let their boys have free run of everything? Don’t they know that children need stability, structure and discipline as well as love and attention? If I could adopt all the kids who need help, I would. It just kills me to see this going on. UGH…………. I am just getting more and more angry. I shouldn’t have written this right before going to bed……………

Good night Al Ain, you beautiful green village…………. Thank you for the lovely temperatures and the beautiful sun set tonight…………………..



One thought on “What????

  1. That is very sad. According to UAE’s Law in effect, It is agianst the Law to mistreat Animals. Possible Jail term.

    You should have reported that Bastard!

    let me know where he lives, I would love to pelt his home with rotten eggs and diapers!


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