Dis and Dat

Wow. It is the last day of our glorious three day weekend – Thank Allah for National Day, cause I really needed this one!

Today the sun is out and the breeze is cool. It is beautiful! Yesterday, a cool front came through along with wind and rain (and a flooded house). The temperature never got above 80 F!!!!! Today is much the same except the sun is out and the birds are a chirpin.

I am not so sure I like this Blogger Beta thing. It seems to take longer to sign in and get to a new post on my Blog. HHHMMM…….Evil Change……. Just kidding. I need to get used to it, I guess.

Started decorating for Christmas. The tree is up and decorated and I am picking up little Christmas decorations all over the place. Bought some gifts too! This year feels more like Christmas so far – I think the cool weather has a lot to do with it.

Little bit is sick AGAIN.

Little bit and I got our hands hennaed (Wow – is that a word?) at the school’s National Day celebration – which ROCKED BTW. The henna is so pretty. I feel very sexy with it on my hands. Isn’t that a little wrong??? Anyway…At school, Blondie preformed the traditional National Dance with the boys. He wore his Dish Dasha and everything. He was so beautiful with his white hair and in that white robe. He was so nervous, I thought he was going to throw up! He did really well though and they ended up preforming it twice!

OK, enough boring stuff from me today. I am loving this weekend! Do we really have to go back to work tomorrow????

Hugs to all!


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