You’ve gotta hold your mouth just right……

A few days ago, Blondie brought home a Rubix cube. he played with it a few days then threw it on the table in disgust proclaiming that it sucked and was impossible to solve.

The Major picked it up and began working on it. It reminded me of when I used to watch him teach his University classes. His whole body changed. His face became serious, his tongue came out of his mouth and his eyes got narrow. You could see his brain working. He started twisting and turning all the while counting and softly talking to himself. He would stop every so often and count and draw in the air then start twisting and turning again. The kids and I were just sitting there watching in amazement like he was solving the world’s problems right then and there. He made a final twist, let out an exhale, placed the cube back on the table then went back to watching his show on TV. He never said a word, but he solved that darn thing in about 10 minutes.

Blondie starts jumping up and down yelling “Holy Cow! He did it! He did it!” and I am thinking “Of course he did”….. Of course he figured it out. He always figures it out. I had forgotten that look he gets. It is that look that reminds me of what a brilliant and wonderful man I married. It is that look that tells me that he will always figure it out – no matter what the problem. It is that look that assures me that everything will be OK, because he will fix it – because he can.

I love that look.



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