I almost peed my pants

I don’t know why I found this to be hysterically funny, but I did….

Tonight, as we were walking out of Al Jimi mall, a man drove by on a Harley Davidson chopper. He was wearing a leather sleeveless shirt, had a bandana on his head and had on cow boy boots. I doubled over in laughter …………..

It reminded me of home, and it made me smile. Thank you Harley dude. I needed that!



3 thoughts on “I almost peed my pants

  1. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have Harley clubs which are extremely popular. I’ve seen the bikes at the Al Ain Intercon on some weekends. They also do trips down to Fujairah. They probably go all over the UAE.


  2. le porc says:

    I was travelling in this Al Ain taxi (7 seater) to Al Ain when this Harley Dude roared past us. The bike had long, high handlebars, and the guy’s feet were placed somewhat forward and far apart; he seemed spreadeagled in a kind of “X” as he roared along. Everyone in the taxi doubled over with laughter as if on cue. Some may even have peed their pants.


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