OOPS I did it again….

You know, I am a HUGE believer that things happen for a reason. Today my belief has been tested. Right before I was about to pack up my junk and head out the door of work, one of our students comes running in frantic, panting and hysterically asking if there is a branch of Feline friends here in Al Ain…. I should have told him no and walked away right then, but NO – I had to open my big mouth and ask him WHY……
It seems there was a kitten wedged into the engine compartment of one of our employees cars and it was this tiny little thing and it was so helpless and cute and filthy….

Yah, well, it is sitting in my lap right now. It is clean and scared and now in my home….

Anyone want a kitten?

Her name is “Yuki” which is Japanese for lucky because I think she is darn lucky she wasn’t killed.


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