How well do you know your fellow blogger?

……or the person you “talk” to on that internet message board you frequent, or the friend you met while IMing on Yahoo???

Recently, someone posted a nasty comment on my other blog. (I have deleted it.) I was very upset by the comment and lost sleep over it. I am still struggling with it, but like many things in my life, I need to just let it go. Part of the problem is that whomever left the comment, did not justify it with proof, and to “prove” to me that she “knew” me, she used a screen name that I used to use when I posted on some internet message boards before I moved here. I am just beside myself wondering what in the hell I did to this woman (or man) to make them say such a terrible thing about me, but for the life of me can come up with absolutely no reason besides the fact that this person is a sad, bitter, person who takes pleasure in being nasty to others. But is that true? I don’t know? I don’t know this person. Even if I knew her/his name, I still don’t know this person, because I would only know OF her/him from the internet. Again comes my question, how well can you know someone you have never met?

{SIDE NOTE: I do not post on message boards anymore. Mostly because I don’t have time but also because the one that I really liked (and where I suspect this commenter came from), I can no longer access, as it says it in under construction and has been that way for a year now. }

I talked with ladies who I would guess were snotty, or very self rightous and am almost positive that I would hate them in real life, but really, how do I know that? They could be the nicest people in the world, but just don’t have a good sense of writing and can not convey their thought and feelings in a manner that would make me realize that. At the same time, I talked with ladies who I thought were probably super cool and nice women, but in reality they could be uber bitches and how would I know that if I never met them?

What this person called me, really upset me. If this person ever really knew me, she/he would know that I am not what she/he said. I am a happy person who cares about everyone around her. While I am not a religious person, I was brought up in a Christian home. My mother was the daughter of a Preacher and I live my life by good morals. I am a spiritual person and find that what comes around goes around, so for you, my Internet Sleuth, I hope your conscious is clear and I hope that you feel better after your session of name calling. It takes a mature person to leave an ugly anonymous comment on the blog of a virtual stranger then not back it up. I am sorry that you feel the need to do things like this. I am also sorry that I called you a jack ass although it felt really good at the time and I reserve the right to retract this apology at any time – of course.



One thought on “How well do you know your fellow blogger?

  1. I have my own share of ‘How well do you know…?’ At times, their actions do tick me off but after I while I just let go and await the next intruder, per se – LOL.Mind you, this world is full of surprises. It’s how you take on your share is what matters most.Be cool.


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