I was shunned!

This morning as I was saying good bye to the kiddies so they could go to class, I got great big hugs from the two little ones, but my oldest boy, looked away, embarrassed. He shyly admitted to me that he didn’t feel comfortable hugging me in front of all his buddies – he is 8 years old! I thought I had at least another few years until this happened!

I was sad, but understood. I patted him on the shoulder and told him to have a great day, then waved to his friends. Walking to my desk, all I could think about was how mature he seemed right then.

Later in the day, I was walking across the court yard and i paused to look at something. As I stood there, I feel these arms wrap around my waist and I feel this big sweaty head rest against my back.

I guess hugging mom isn’t so bad after all….(as long as no body is around!).


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