OK, I have to agree whole heartedly (is that one word or two???)

I read Elle’s post here the other day, and have to agree with this.

My husband and I have one of those centerpoint cards where we earn points toward vouchers for free stuff. They usually come as 100 Dh gift checks that we can spend at any of the centerpoint stores. This is really cool, BUT…..

I get all excited having 100 Dh in my hand thinking of all the wonderful things I want to get with it. I drag the family up to Al Ain mall (or Al Jimi – since they are EXACTLY THE SAME NOW) only to end up leaving the mall 4 hours later, kids fighting, husband pissy, and me upset because I am empty handed.

SPLASH has got to be the most worthless store I have ever attempted to shop in ever (and I shop a lot people). The cuts are all wrong, the sizes are a joke and the quality of fabric and workmanship is just terrible! Today, I picked up one skirt in 3 sizes. My “regular” size, one size larger and one size smaller. The “regular” size – which would fit me in any other store – was tight across my belly, loose around my waist, poked out at my hips and was about 3 inches too long (and I am not a short woman). What the hell is that all about? So I put all three skirts back and go for a pair of pants. I did the same thing, I grabbed 3 sizes, just like before. The “normal” size, I couldn’t even get the button to meet in the middle. The next size up, looked like I was swimming in my big brother’s trousers! Disgusted, I got dressed, tossed the clothes to the sales lady, mumbled something about whomever makes the clothes being an idiot, grabbed the kids and husband and walked out to head toward Shoe Mart.

Shoe Mart…Shoe Mart…..Shoe Mart….. I am in love with shoes. I have a thing. Shoe Mart, does NOTHING for my shoe thing. How is it that a store full of shoes does not carry ONE DECENT PAIR of shoes? The shoes there are all poorly made, knock offs that have no real substance to them at all. I found one pair of shoes that were cute, inexpensive and because they were so cute, it didn’t really matter that you could tell they were cheap. The problem is that someone had tried them on and scuffed the toe and the heel of the shoe. The sales guy went to the back to find a new pair, but came out empty handed – as usual. I asked for a discount because there was no way in hell I was paying full price for USED SHOES, and (you shouldn’t be surprised with this…) he said no. Well, piss on you shoe mart… We left.

On the bright side, I did clean out the shop upstairs in Al Ain mall called Al Jeaidi. This is also the store where I got my pant suit for the wedding a few weeks ago. I LOVE THIS STORE! I wish they carried shoes! The men working there are so nice and helpful and the prices are just wonderful. I will go back to this store again and again. It is on the top floor of Al Ain mall across from the Grand Store. Just wonderful!

The moral of the story? Centerpoint company is damn freaking smart. Here’s why: The reason you get the centerpoint vouchers is because the parent company knows that their stores suck and that you will never be able to find anything to use the vouochers on anyway, so they will never loose money. OK, that’s my bitchfest for the day.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “OK, I have to agree whole heartedly (is that one word or two???)

  1. Oh I agree with you on Shoe Mart. I walked around their ‘wonderful’ big new store and not ONE shoe ‘jumped out’ at me. I had money to spend and nothing to spend it on!!


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