I must have made the Gods mad

Wow! What a week! As you know, I officially started my new job this week. School also started this week. I don’t even know where to begin telling the events of my week…

Your first day of work is always a little stressful – if you’re like me. I want to be productive and try to learn as much as possible so that I can start working efficiently as soon as possible. Let me give you a little advice… If you start work in a primary or secondary school, please make sure your first day is at least two weeks before school starts. Being a new employee (read: useless) on the first week of school, is no fun. Parents expect you to know things and to be able to do things for them, and when you are clueless, walking around searching for things and people, it just does not give off a good impression. I ended up in tears at least once and had the urge to scream at anyone at least 20 times in the past week. But, that will pass. I still love the job and I absolutely LOVE the lady I work for. I really don’t think I could ask to work for someone better. She is a caring and thoughtful lady who you know you can count on for anything. This is the part of my week that was really within my control and every day just got better from the first day. The part of my week that was total and complete chaos, was what happened in my private life………..

On top of it being my first week of work, the first week of school for all three of my kids and the second week of school for the Major, we had many things go wrong with our house. The first thing was the storm we had on Tuesday. Oh my goodness! What a storm it was in our area! There were straight line winds, rain and hail. I sat in my office and watched the sand come in with the wind. It looked like someone was pulling a big orange blanket over the sky. When it hit our area, it hit with the force of a hurricane coming across the gulf of Mexico. Our gate – which if you remember was previously damaged by the wind – started to creek, the new climbing fort that the husband and kids have been building over the last 3 weeks was just shimmying in the wind. The palms in the yard were bent almost completely over and sand was hitting the windows at such a force that it was actually making that pinging noise. Then came the rain. Coupled with the wind, the rain came gushing through each and every crevice in our windows and within a matter of seconds, I have a lake in the entire downstairs of the house. It was leaking through the windows in the stair well and flowing down into the rotunda at the bottom. My guest room downstairs had a silk bed spread on the bed and the water got to such a level that the bed spread is ruined with water stains. It was an absolute mess! Our gardener’s house was under enough water that he opened his front door and it started pouring out of the door way. The scariest part for me was when I realized that water was coming in, I decided to build a berm around the office to prevent the water from getting to the computers (I grew up in the flood plane in Houston – I am used to this sort of thing), but as I am doing it, the hail started pounding the windows! All I could think about is all the construction around the neighborhood and what would happen if one of the plywood fence pieces came hurling through any of the windows in the house.
I collected all the kids and had them play in the down stairs living room where there were no windows (or water yet) and just sat there and waited for the storm to pass.

It took most of the evening to clean up the mess, and we used our wet/dry vac to suck up the water. We collected two full buckets of water, and used 20 towels.

The next day, I came home from work at 3 pm to discover we had no electricity. It had been off since 9 AM. Having no electricity means no water, no cooking (cause we use electric), no toilets (because water pumps didn’t work) and no showers. Last week, I spent the week cooking meals for the freezer…… Guess what? I had to go grocery shopping today. The electrician was called and he came riding up on his bicycle (no joke) with 2 screwdrivers and a light bulb attached to two wires – really, no kidding! When we left the house at 5, he was saying something about the problem being with the main line that was coming in from the street. You know what that means… It would be at least a week before the municipality came out to even look at it. This was not good news. We went and ate then tried to waste some more time walking around, but lost interest at about 8 pm. Since the house was still pretty cool, we decided to stay for the night. The electrician told the Major that the problem was not with the main line (thank goodness) but with the breaker in the shed and he was waiting for the part (again, not good news). At 11 pm, our air conditioner came on.

Between all of this, P-man got an ear infection with a very high fever. I am getting a cold and Little Bit has decided that school is not all she thought it would be and keeps walking out of class and across the court yard alone to come hang out with mom at her desk. P-man stayed home from school on Thursday and I am still feeling like absolute poo.

Now, if I could have saved that bee sting I got in the mall a few weeks ago until this week, THAT would have really topped off the week!

I am just glad it is the weekend – FINALLY. This felt like the longest week ever! Forgive my inconsistencies in formatting and grammar. I am not up to doing a thorough proof read….

Enjoy some photos of the storm…..


3 thoughts on “I must have made the Gods mad

  1. Wow, what a week! I didn’t realise the storm was so bad, we only got a little bit of rain. It really is amaizing how the rain comes to some areas and not to others.On the bright side….:)At least you have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and 20 towels, I’m hard pressed for 10.


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