Four Words:

I LOVE MY JOB. That’s all.
I am so happy to be working again and I really like where I am working too!
I hope you guys understand that since I am no longer sitting around the house on my tushie all day, I won’t be posting as often.

In the Southern states of America, there is a comedian who talks about people and the stupid things they do. When someone does something really stupid, he talks about these people being given a sign letting everyone know they are stupid.

Here, I will leave you with a “Duh” moment…..
If you are applying for the position of English teacher, would you turn in a CV in English or Arabic? I’ll let you guess what language it was in…. Well, here’s your sign, dude…..


3 thoughts on “Four Words:

  1. Thanks so much! That’s how it always works, doesn’t it? Just when you find your perfect color of lipstick, it is discontinued…. I will post, I promise – just not every day. It seems now that I have actual readers, I am not able to post as often as when I had no readers. What’s up with that?


  2. Congratulations on liking the job. Because, you know, sucky jobs suck and stuff.And, as a resident of one of those southern states, I think the comedian you’re referring to is Bill Engvall. Unless I’m confused, which admittedly happens rather often.


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